Decoding Destiny: Soundbites from the C-Suite

Episode 01: Different Jobs for Different Seasons

May 12, 2021

On today's episode of Decoding Destiny, Irina sits down with Jillian Kaplan to discuss the importance of making adjustments to your career to reflect changes that occur in your life.

Jillian went through her life shift when she became a mom. She was determined to find balance and make the necessary changes that would allow her to both grow at work but also prioritize time for family. Whether it's motherhood, aging parents, relocation, divorce or really any life phase that might require you to shift around priorities, you can still have a fulfilling and successful career with some tweaks and adjustments.

Jillian truly believes in balance and that you CAN have it all. She actually calls it, "work-life happiness" when you can find the right combination that fits your life. You need to find jobs and companies that support you. When you feel supported in your career, you're going to work harder and work better. It doesn't mean you do less work - it just means you might need to shift WHEN you do your work. As important as the work you're doing, your work culture needs to match your values. Know your worth and don't compromise when looking for the right fit.

We discuss ways you can handle this when talking to your employer, making your own adjustments to your day, or even discussing with other colleagues who may be or have been in a similar situation.

Jillian believes that being a working mom is a superpower. The skills you need to master as a mom, like time management and multitasking, are also important for work as well.

More on Jillian Kaplan:

Jillian leads the 5G and Telecom Thought Leadership on the Telecom Service Providers team at Dell Technologies. She has a 17-year background in Engineering, Product Management and Marketing at a Telecom Fortune 15 company and at Dell. She currently is driving the go-to-market strategy at Dell to help Telco Service Providers be #5GReadyNow. She is an accomplished speaker and author, a big believer in giving back and putting humans first.

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