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Episode 02: Raising the Bar: Taking Big Swings of Bold

May 19, 2021

On today's episode of Decoding Destiny, Irina sits down with Leigh Burgess to discuss how to raise the bar for yourself and take big swings of bold both personally and professionally. Leigh discusses the importance of taking risks and reveals her strategies on how to do this. Inaction leads you to the same place in which you started, so taking that chance may be scary, but also may make you feel brave and empowered. 

Leigh developed a framework to help others take "big swings of bold" designed around the acronym "BOLD". 

Believe: Believe in yourself and your expertise 

Ownership: Own up to what you are responsible for; own your successes as much as your failures. Women tend to focus so much on their failures and are very hard on themselves, but we need to learn to own the successes and be proud of our accomplishments both personally and professionally. 

Learn: There are so many things we can learn from both the good and the bad in life, but in so many instances we don't pause and reflect. We need to learn from the failures but also pause and look back on our wins to also dissect why and how that worked out for us. 

Design: Once you've incorporated the first 3 letters of the acronym, it's time to design a life path for yourself and curate the journey you want to take. We want this path to be driven by what we want to accomplish and by doing this, we now have control over our world. This will ultimately lead to a more successful and fulfilled life. 


About Leigh Burgess: 

President & Chief Executive Officer, High Road Strategy

In her role, she and her colleagues work collaboratively together to effectively lead and forward Mission of High Road Strategy by providing guided expertise and curated experiences that assist in the creation of new opportunities for “big swings of bold” resulting in expedited positive change and outcomes.

She has vast experience across health care and research communities with experience in developing and implementing strategic initiatives across basic, translational and clinical research. She has led and directed large operational teams of clinical research and administration staff.

She has successfully led and created the strategic administration and operations of multiple academic medical centers wide including area within: Clinical Trials Office, Human Rights Protection Program, Office of Sponsored Projects, Quality & Safety, Education & Professional Development, Research Nursing, Office of Technology Transfer, Central Research Lab and Research Finance.

Leigh develops and implements plans for financial, operational and administrative priority setting and strategy deployment outlining needs, improvements, opportunities and relationship building. She strategizes and directs the improvement of operational areas of opportunity systemwide based on metrics data, internal audit reports, and input from faculty, functional group leaders, project leaders, research partners, CTSA, NCI and the NIH.

Her past leadership experiences include graduate medical education, cancer centers, oncology quality, patient centered care, patient education, compliance and institutional research operations. She is currently a doctoral student completing coursework towards her Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and has completed all credits towards and is in the dissertation phase of her PhD in Organizational Development and Change.

Helping brave leaders find their bold path.


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