Decoding Destiny: Soundbites from the C-Suite

Episode 04: Reprogram Yourself But Don’t Lose Yourself

June 2, 2021

On today's episode of Decoding Destiny, Irina meets with Eugina Jordan, a Russian immigrant who started her career as a secretary and has gone on to become the VP of Marketing for one of the major telecom industry disruptors in the country. 

Irina and Eugina discuss how to understand your cultural upbringing and how to "reprogram yourself" in the workplace while staying true to yourself. In a world where borders have been blurred and people are working together from all parts of the globe, it is so important to be aware of cultural norms that maybe don't align with the norms we might be used to. How do you adapt without losing your mojo?

About Eugina Jordan: 

Eugina, a self-made immigrant woman, started her telecom career as a secretary and now has gone on to become VP of Marketing of the major telecom industry disruptor Parallel Wireless. She has over 20 years of strategic marketing experience, leading marketing and communications for small and large global technology companies.
She is also an inventor, holding 6 patents that include 5G and Open RAN.

Her passion is to help other women in telecom to realize their full potential through mentorships, communities engagement, and workshops. Her story is a positive example that if you work hard, play fair, continue to learn, and always believe in yourself, you can grow yourself, your career, and others.
Eugina resides in Massachusetts with her husband, teenage son, and three rescue dogs. She loves theater and museums. She volunteers for dog rescues and programs that help underprivileged children and women. 

Eugina has a Masters of Teaching from Moscow Pedagogical University and studied computer undergrad at CDI College in Toronto, Canada.

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