Decoding Destiny: Soundbites from the C-Suite

Episode 06: Acting Your Age: Why Don’t We?

June 16, 2021

On today's episode of Decoding Destiny, Irina sits down with Linda González, a Life Coach, Author, and Facilitative Consultant, to discuss how to "act your age" and why our real age may be very different than our biological age. 

Most of us think of ourselves as being our biological age. In fact, you are a multitude of ages in different areas of maturation, making it challenging to always “act your age”. How many times have you been in a situation where you acted or reacted in a way that made you think: “This really isn’t me.” And yet, you knew it was you, just a you that was not in sync with the rest of… you. My experience is that we have eight key elements to our maturation process and that we can be at different ages in all eight due to reasons I will unpack. I will give a short definition of each element,  discuss how we might determine our age in a few, and suggest some ways to begin acting your age!

About Linda González:

Linda González (she/her) is a bilingual organizational consultant, coach, and writer/editor with many years of experience facilitating and training groups of diverse participants in many arenas.

Underlying all her work is a focus on equity grounded in systemic change to allow all people to thrive. She collaboratively designs and facilitates interactive processes that address dynamics of power, intersectionality, and different work approaches. Linda’s focus is to offer clients models and tools that can be used to transform structural inequities and internalized glass ceilings.

Linda has a thriving practice as a life coach, assisting clients to discover and reach their important goals while taking into account the impact of biases still present in society. She is on the roster of coaches used by LeaderSpring Women of Color LeadStrong Fellowship, RCF Embodied Leadership Coaching, and Windcall Residency Program. She recently published a book titled Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling, based on her 20-year coaching practice with a focus on BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), women, immigrants, and other under-resourced, resilient communities. Linda’s coaching is based on the models of life coaching, equity & racial justice, spiritual principles, and life lessons.

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Order her new book here: Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling 

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