Decoding Destiny: Soundbites from the C-Suite

Episode 07: Turning Your Passion Into a Fulfilling Career

July 7, 2021

On today's episode of Decoding Destiny, Irina sits down with Kristen Carbone, a museum curator turned inventor, women's health advocate, writer, and public speaker. We will be discussing how she was able to successfully make a complete 180 in her career and find fulfillment and purpose while doing so. More on Kristen Carbone: After a decade-long career working in curatorial departments in museums across New York and New England, she founded Brilliantly, a platform dedicated to meeting the long-term, quality of life issues faced by women who’ve had an experience with breast cancer. Brilliantly helps women with the transition from confronting breast cancer to embracing life through innovative products, thoughtful content, and relevant services. So far we’ve started a portrait project, released a corrective exercise video series, hosted events, and featured interviews and blog posts on our online journal. Our flagship product, Brilliantly Warm, is an app-controlled warming wearable for the many women who experience a constant and distracting feeling of coldness from their breast implant reconstruction. A writer, public speaker, and solution finder, Kristen serves on the Advisory Council for the Breasties, and is a member of Dreamers & Doers, The Fourth Floor, Female Founders Community. In addition to her work at Brilliantly, Kristen is an avid jigsaw puzzler, gardener, and list maker. She currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island with her two children.

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